Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can I put Cortizone itch cream on my dog?

My dog has itchy skin caused from her food (allergies).... she is scratching her skin all the time and I need to know if I can use like a Cortizone 10 or something on her itchy parts (under her arms mostly). She is a 2 year old Min Pin. ThanksCan I put Cortizone itch cream on my dog?
I live in Texas and my dogs get that. My vet told us to give them benedryl. The stuff people take for their allergies. The straight benedryl, not with anything else added into it. I geuss dogs are really suseptible to hystemine, so one pill of the benedryl will stop the itching. Our dogs get it so bad they have little lumps. I am afraid if the dog licked the cortizone cream, it would get sick. It is the Benadryl Allergy. If you look on the back it says Diphenhydramine HCI 25mg. My little Boston Terrier takes one a day. Check with your vet, but down here this is what they swear by and it works. Can I put Cortizone itch cream on my dog?
I wouldn't. Your pup is going to end up licking the cream off (obviously depending where you put it) and like all topicals, it's going to need to be reapplied often.

Have you tried an elimination diet for your dog's allergies? Start with a novel protein source (something she has never had), feed that with 1 carbohydrate and see how much the symptoms are alleviated over the following 8 - 12 weeks. You can even use something like canned salmon (assuming your dog has never eaten salmon) and white sticky rice. Then you start bringing in new proteins, one at a time, and see what your dog reacts to. Food allergies are very easy to resolve in this manner altho' the process of going through an elimination diet is somewhat tedious.

For itchy skin, bathe in an all natural soothing shampoo and use a Safe and effective topical spray. Pure Pet Anti Itch Spray is really good because it has clove oil which not only tastes bad but numbs the skin. Pure Pet also makes a nice oatmeal shampoo which is soothing.

Good luck!
You really need to find the cause of the itch. it is unacceptable to treat your pet with a treatment of which you know nothing. If you decide , ignorantly to treat you pet in this way, and without the advice of a vetinary qualified person, then you are being unfair. Be fair to your pet and seek advice from a professional. Good luck lil dog.
ask a vet. also a cool wash will help her and changing the food. i give my dog benedryl (capsules only) for his told how many to give and how often.mines 95 lbs. and he gets 3 pills 3x's a day to help till he gets over his reaction. since yours is so small you'll need to ask vet also apple cider vinegar may help.

As far as I know..if your dog has been diagnosed with an allergic skin condition the cream will be fine. Only problem...dogs are liable to lick it off not only negating the medication but making it worse via irritation of skin re licking. Other options...get tablets or injections from your animal clinic.

Good luck
You can use it, but I would try changing her food to eliminate the problem all together.

Good luck
Yes cortizone cream is fine on dogs as well as polysporin.

I hope that you have changed her food

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